Camping in the Midwest: Ideas to Escape the Crowd

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Many people camping in the Midwest don’t like setting up near a crowd. When we take the time, energy, and vacation days to go camping, we often want quiet solitude, peaceful seclusion, and a connection with the outdoors. That’s hard to reach when so many people are crowding your site. If you have been camping […]

Weird Podcasts From the Midwest

Weird Podcasts from the Midwest

Folks in the Midwest have a lot to talk about, and you can see that reflected in the amazing number of incredibly compelling podcasts floating around out there! Throngs of sports fans, for example, tune in to hear about everything from local high school football scores to NCAA standings—and it makes perfect sense when you […]

Best Vacation Spots in the Midwest

Awesome Midwest Vacations

The Midwest is often underrated as a vacation destination. As a Midwesterner myself, I know there are endless things to see and do for any type of traveler. Do you like urban destinations? Rustic retreats? Fun family getaways? The Midwest offers all of these experiences and more.  I can’t possibly cover all the best vacation […]