Tornado Season: The Best Time of the Year?

Tornado Season

Tornado season can have its moments. The fact is, I live in Des Moines, Iowa, so I am right along Tornado Alley. I actually look forward to this time every year. First off, I love summer, and it is a bonus that this time is when tornadoes happen. When I was a kid, I would […]

10 Fun Facts About the Midwest

Fun Facts About the Midwest

America’s Heartland is certainly filled with beautiful, picturesque landscapes, and out-of-this-world outdoor adventures. Plus, there’s a whirlwind of activities for locals and travelers to enjoy. However, what really makes this exhilarating region unique are the stories. Bursting at the seams with unbelievable truths and wild tales, the history of these states is riddled with new […]