10 Renter-Friendly Upgrades Tenants Can DIY to Improve Their Space

DIY Upgrades for Renters

Renters are at the mercy of their landlord’s unusual design decisions for the rental property. But there are 10 renter-friendly upgrades tenants can DIY to improve their space. Why would anyone want a faux wood wall? Why is this carpet the color of human waste? Who puts a showerhead up that high? We renters ask […]

Sneaky Ways to Get More Protein into Your Diet

Get More Protein Into Your Diet

Everywhere you turn, someone’s talking about protein. From protein shakes to protein bars, it can be a bit overwhelming (slightly annoying, even) to keep hearing about protein. Yet, there’s a good reason why everyone talks about this important macronutrient. Although all macronutrients are important as a part of a well-rounded diet, protein plays a critical […]

Advice for College Students from a Recent Grad

Advice for College Students

Get practical advice for college students from a recent graduate to help you manage academics, dorm life, friendships, and finances. Bet you didn’t know this, but starting college can be a total mind-flay, no cap. Feeling lost in the sauce? Yeah, same. That’s why I, your OG college homie (just graduated, like, yesterday) am here […]

Girl to Girl: Signs He’s Not the One

Girl to Girl

Discover the unmistakable signs he’s not the one for you. Recognize the red flags and embark on a journey empowered to discover true love.  Hey girl, grab your favorite snacks and cozy up ’cause it’s time for some real talk. We’re diving into the murky waters of relationships: the good, the bad, and the downright […]

Must-Try Viral TikTok Recipes

TikTok Recipes

Elevate your kitchen game with viral TikTok recipes that will tantalize your taste buds and inspire your inner chef. Hey, foodie fam, are you ready to dive into the delicious world of viral TikTok recipes? Whether you’re an accomplished chef or a kitchen newbie, TikTok has become the ultimate culinary playground for Gen Z. From […]