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Obligona is About Midwest Living

Obligona is a new website that launched in May 2022. We aspire to become one of the best websites about living in the Midwest, United States. We know! We have some great competition.

Our mission is to find and present the leading facets of Midwestern life. We will attempt to explain why and how it is one of the best places to live in the United States. The Midwest is the essence of Americana.

Visitors to Obligona will soon find information on every topic of interest to folks considering moving away from massive, crowded metropolises. The Midwest is an excellent choice if you want less stress, less traffic, and a beautiful, clean environment.

It’s a beautiful place. The summers are glorious, and spring and autumn are crisp and wonderful. Though winters demand a cozy hoodie under your jacket if you’re out for a walk.

For the most part, the Midwest is never visited by earthquakes or hurricanes. Tornados, you say? Well, sure. After all, everyone needs a little excitement in their lives.

The Midwest is a safe place. This is especially true compared to well-known cities, whether they are in Texas, like Houston, or even Detroit and Chicago. Of course, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are on different planets.

Overall, the Midwest is home to lively, midsize cities boasting bike trails, incredible sports events, and some of the lowest costs of living anywhere. Newcomers are welcomed with open arms and friendly smiles in this part of the country. You can afford to live in the Midwest and are assured of excellent schools and some of the best professional and college sports teams in North America.

Welcome to Obligona and the Midwest!

Image: Iowa State Capitol

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