The College World Series takes place every year in Omaha, Nebraska. This tournament consists of eight teams. The teams that make it compete against each other in a double-elimination fashion. If you’re a baseball fan, you definitely look forward to watching it every year. I am myself and I can assure you this year was legendary.

What Makes The College World Series Special?

The CWS has been around since 1947, and it is no secret that it is a tradition that’s lasted this long. Families come together to watch the games, and kids run around and have a good time. Also, you can’t forget about the good ‘ole ballpark food. It is a great atmosphere for everyone attending. 

This tournament is so special because it gives the players a chance to perform at the highest stage. You see, College baseball isn’t on TV as much as the MLB is. It is a great chance for youngsters to showcase their talent with millions of people watching on ESPN. 

It’s the fans that truly make the College World Series special. This year, a staggering 24,554 people filled the stands, just shy of the record-breaking 24,559. The energy and support of the crowd make a significant difference, creating an electrifying atmosphere that enhances the experience for everyone. 

The 2024 College World Series Was Exciting

The eight teams that made it this year were incredible. They definitely put on a show for the millions of people that watched. North Carolina, Virginia, NC State, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Florida and Florida State. All of those teams were the best of the best, but there could only be one winner. 

The eight teams shrunk down to two. In a best-of-3 series for the championship, Tennessee and Texas A&M made it. This matchup was incredible to watch; they were definitely the two best in the country. Home Run after Home Run: If you did not watch it, you should go on YouTube and watch the highlights. You won’t be disappointed.

Yes, spoil alert: your 2024 College World Series Champion was the Tennessee Vols. Tennessee looked solid all throughout the tournament. They did not lose any games until the Championship against Texas A&M. In the best-of-3 series, A&M won the first game, but Tennessee won back-to-back to win it all. 

Top 3 Teams to Look Out For Next Year


It’s obvious that Tennessee comes to mind when talking about teams to win next season. I mean, they just won it this year. They have star talent at every position and their fans are crazy. It looked like a home game when they were playing Texas A&M in the championship. I think they will win it again next year if they stay together, they are an explosive team.


Kentucky was one of the hottest teams this year; it sucks they couldn’t finish in the tournament. Just like Tennessee, they had star power everywhere, including big hitters. Ryan Nicholson had 23 Home Runs, leading Kentucky in that category. He was huge in the tournament, but he just did not get help from the rest of the team.

NC State

Now I know that when we think of baseball, we certainly do not think of NC State. This past year was incredible yet spectacular for the Wolf Pack. They finished 38-23 with a loaded roster. Their big hitter, Alec Makarewicz, was a crucial part of their tournament success; he finished the year with 24 Home Run and 84 RBI’S. If he is back next year, they will be unstoppable and fun to watch. 

The 2024 College World Series MVP

Dylan Dreiling. MLB scouts take notice of this guy; he is an absolute stud for the Tennessee Vols. In the second game of the Best of 3 championships, Dreiling hit a monster game, winning Home Run to beat Texas A&M. What he did batting-wise for Tennessee was amazing; he definitely was the main reason why they won this year. 

His 2024 stats are pretty good, too. He hit 23 Home Runs with 73 RBI; this kid is going to be in the Major Leagues before you know it. He has solid potential to become one of the best power hitters in the MLB at some point. What a career he has had at Tennessee, I wish him the best with his baseball career. 

Star Celebs That Attended The College World Series This Year

The 2x Super Bowl Champion attended the tournament. It was no surprise to see Manning at the tournament. No, it is not because of his famous  “Omaha, Omaha” cadence when he was in the NFL. It was because he went to Tennessee in college and wanted to cheer on his former school. 

The famous country songwriter known for “Whiskey Glasses” and “Last Night” attended the College World Series. Wallen and Manning sat next to each other during the championship game and enjoyed themselves. It was cool to see both of them rooting for Tennessee, as they ultimately won the championship.

Facts about the College World Series

  • Average ticket price this year was $400
  • USC has the most National Titles (12)
  • 1947 was the debut of the College World Series
  • Tennessee won their first College World Series Championship this year
  • 2024 CWS averaged 1.1 million viewers


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