As you may know, Caitlin Clark is the best women’s player in the world. What she has done from High School to College and her early career in the WNBA has been unbelievable. Now, I am not going to get into her early life or her accolades, but I will be talking about how she has been treated in College and WNBA.

Caitlin Clark Vs Angel Reese

It is no secret that Caitlin Clark is a competitor. She can get feisty and a little too overdramatic at times during games. But she is never a sore loser. In fact, she always goes to the other team and tells them how good they were. That is the type of player Clark is. But there are others who are not like that.

In the 2023 Women’s Championship game, Iowa played LSU. That is when everyone in the world knew about Angel Reese. She is what we call a mean, nasty freak. LSU beat Iowa, but after the game, Angel Reese taunted and mocked Clark. No sportsmanship at all. Had Caitlin Clark and Iowa would have won, she would have gone to the team and said, “Hey, good game.” That is the type of player Clark is.

My opinion on the situation was a ghetto black girl was getting all jealous because a white girl was dominating the women’s sports world. I mean, who can blame me? That is exactly what that was. Reese probably did not have the best childhood growing up if that is what she does to the team they beat in the championship game. I mean, show some sportsmanship.

Is Caitlin Clark Being Treated Harshly In The WNBA?

After being drafted number 1 to the Indiana Fever, Caitlin Clark has found a home. It is certainly a big jump from college to the big leagues. Clark has found some early struggles with her opponents on the court. Some would say that it is just a different game in the WNBA that makes it more physical. I say it is bullshit; she is being treated so badly in the WNBA.

For what she has done for the WNBA and in women’s basketball in general is iconic yet empowering. I don’t get all the slander and the shit-talking she gets; it is so silly to me. She is even getting treated poorly by the legends of the league. Such as Taurasi, Sue Bird, and many more. I think it is wrong, to say the least; I mean, you see this white girl who is so young and dominating, and you just want to tear her down.

Clark Vs Reese In The WNBA

Yep, I guess Angel Reese missed having the spotlight on her. Last week, the Indiana Fever played the Chicago Sky, the team Reese plays on. The game was going good until Angel Reese fouled Clark hard. Clark was going for a layup and Angel Reese just swung her arm and hit Clark in the head. It was a dirty move; she didn’t even go for the ball. Disgusting move by Reese; she definitely is jealous of Caitlin Clark’s success. It is clear and obvious by her actions towards her.

In the same game, Angel Reese’s teammate gets pushy with Clark and takes her down. After the play was over you could see Reese ecstatic and happy towards her teammate because of what she did. I mean it is just foolish and demeaning to Clark, especially for all she has done for the League as a whole.

Clark and What She Has Done For The WNBA

The WNBA has increased revenue up to 200% with Caitlin Clark in the league. She has also raised the ticket prices for the Indiana Fever by 80% because of Clark. It is no secret that Clark has brought so much value to the WNBA. We have never seen anything like it before. I’m now starting to watch the WNBA—not just for her but for everyone.

I talk to a lot of people and ask them if they are tuning into the WNBA, and almost all of them say hell yes! I have never seen a WNBA game on TV in my whole life. Now, they’re everywhere. Caitlin Clark is a phenom, and it is going to be like this for at least a decade.

The WNBA’s average game viewership last year was 462,000. This year, it is up to 1.32 million. I am highly sure that it is due to Caitlin Clark. Of course, it is. What she is doing for the WNBA is amazing and so valuable. Her compassion is off the charts. The WNBA is in a good spot and will remain that way for years to come.

Racism In The WNBA?

Now, this is my opinion on what has been going on. I think it is so childish and so hurtful that Caitlin Clark has been the one getting bullied all year. At this point, I think it is far more about basketball. All of these players who are pushing and shoving Clark are black. 

Is it intentional?

As an outsider looking in, I feel as though the players are doing this intentionally to Clark because she is white. They think that a white player who is making millions of dollars as a rookie, making more than pretty much every WNBA combine, is not worthy in the league. I think that because of Caitlin Clark’s fame, they are jealous of her and what she has done as a basketball player. 

If you look up all the incidents of Clark getting hit or shoved down, it is clear that they’re trying to make a statement. It is like they go out of their way to hurt her, which is unfair and cruel. Clark is a team player, unselfish, and a good-quality woman. She does not go out of her way to look like a fool; she just wants to play basketball.

Is is racial?

For white people to be called “Racist,” isn’t it odd that no one is even questioning the acts the players are doing toward Clark? I mean, come on, at some point, we have to come together and figure out why they’re bullying her. It seems like every game she is getting pushed down for no reason at all. Is the right term “Reverse Racism”? Should we call it that? Or am I just being too over-dramatic about the whole situation?

The thing is, Caitlin Clark gets so much attention and has all these brand deals but doesn’t care about all of that. These black players obviously feel some type of way because of it, but it’s not like Clark has a cockiness towards it. It is not her fault she is better than all of them and makes more money. They try to make something out of nothing. We can see it clear as day: they have a problem with her, and they take it out on her every game. 

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