10 Reasons Why Fall in the Midwest is Awesome

Fall in the Midwest

If there’s one thing Midwesterners love, it’s the captivating change of seasons they can enjoy every year. While every season certainly has its own allure, there’s just something about the Fall that makes it stand out. Fall in the Midwest is awesome. Of course, you might think that Fall is a tantalizing time of year […]

Why is Oktoberfest in September?

Why is Oktoberfest in September

You probably already know a few things about Oktoberfest. You’re likely aware that it’s a German festival that involves a lot of beer drinking. You can probably picture people wearing traditional outfits (lederhosen, ftw!) while holding large steins of lager. And maybe you’ve actually seen pictures of large crowds gathering in German-style beer gardens to […]

Hunting Season in the Midwest

Hunting Season in the Midwest

The end of summer isn’t something everyone wants to celebrate. It means the days are getting shorter, prime vacation time is ending, and kids are heading back to school. For hunters, on the other hand, the end of summer means only one thing — the beginning of hunting season! Time to dust off the blaze […]

10 Fun Facts About the Midwest

Fun Facts About the Midwest

America’s Heartland is certainly filled with beautiful, picturesque landscapes, and out-of-this-world outdoor adventures. Plus, there’s a whirlwind of activities for locals and travelers to enjoy. However, what really makes this exhilarating region unique are the stories. Bursting at the seams with unbelievable truths and wild tales, the history of these states is riddled with new […]

The 10 Best High Schools in South Dakota

Best High Schools in South Dakota

South Dakota is known for its excellent education system, with many high schools providing high-quality instruction and resources for students. The best high schools in South Dakota are known for their rigorous curriculum and strong college preparatory programs. US News & World Report and Niche (for 2023) provided the high school rankings we used.  These […]

Glow Up Midwest Fashion Trends

Midwest Fashion Trends

Gen Zs strive to turn the world on its head at almost every opportunity, and they hardly leave fashion out of the equation. From bringing vintage looks back to the front page to creating new, never-before-seen colors, this generation is pushing fashion boundaries. The outpouring of social media influence can be seen in styles worldwide, […]

The 8 Best High Schools in Minnesota

Best High Schools in Minnesota

High schools serve a number of important functions. Most obviously, they provide educational opportunities for their students. They also prepare students for college or the workforce, offer interesting and engaging extracurricular activities, and field competitive sports teams. A great high school will likely excel in several of these areas. The state of Minnesota has no […]

Gen Z Buying Habits in the Midwest

Gen Z Buying Habits

Anyone born between 1997 and 2012 belongs to Gen Z. This generation, many of whom are no longer kids, now makes up about 20% of the population of the United States. Increasingly, this means that the shopping habits of Gen Z are starting to shape the marketplace for everyone else as well. Self-care products and […]

The Best Mexican Food in the Midwest

Best Mexican Restaurants in the Midwest - Tasty Tacos

You never know where you’re going to find the best Mexican food. Sometimes, it’s in an upscale restaurant that’s heavy on the ambiance. Other times, it’s from an unpretentious food truck parked on an out-of-the-way street. But one thing is certain. Once you find your favorite Mexican food, you’ll be going back again and again. […]

Best Ice Cream in the Midwest

Best Ice Cream in the Midwest

Did you know the Midwest is a hotbed of ice cream innovation? Take waffle cones, for instance. At the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, an ice cream vendor ran out of serving dishes. In a moment of inspiration, he borrowed some waffle-like pastries from the vendor next door. Just like that — waffle cones. And […]