College World Series

College World Series

The College World Series takes place every year in Omaha, Nebraska. This tournament consists of eight teams. The teams that make it compete against each other in a double-elimination fashion. If you’re a baseball fan, you definitely look forward to watching it every year. I am myself and I can assure you this year was […]

Caitlin Clark Vs WNBA

Caitlin Clark

As you may know, Caitlin Clark is the best women’s player in the world. What she has done from High School to College and her early career in the WNBA has been unbelievable. Now, I am not going to get into her early life or her accolades, but I will be talking about how she […]

Who Will Win the NBA Finals?

NBA Finals

If you’re an NBA fan and are watching the playoffs this year, you have an idea of who is going to win and who is not. So, let’s dive in and talk about who will win the NBA Finals. Teams who have the best chance to win 1. Denver Nuggets The Denver Nuggets are the […]

My 5 Top-Rated Movies of All Time

Top-Rated Movies

Are you one of those people who crave movie nights? Or are you a movie fanatic? Everyone has their top-rated films. Well, let’s deep-dive into my 5 top-rated movies of all time as rated by (some) critics and reviews. The Shawshank Redemption This film is arguably considered the best movie ever. It has a 9.3 rating on IMDb. […]

Can the Chiefs Three-Peat?

2020 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Team

Aww, yes, the 2024 season is getting closer and closer as we speak. There are a lot of questions regarding the Kansas City Chiefs. Have they made the right decisions or bad decisions? Are the Chiefs still good? Are they ever going to fall off?  Can the Chiefs three-peat? Let’s dig deep and discuss whether […]

Tornado Season: The Best Time of the Year?

Tornado Season

Tornado season can have its moments. The fact is, I live in Des Moines, Iowa, so I am right along Tornado Alley. I actually look forward to this time every year. First off, I love summer, and it is a bonus that this time is when tornadoes happen. When I was a kid, I would […]

Cooper DeJean: The All-American from Iowa

Cooper DeJean

Cooper DeJean, the All-American from Iowa, born on February 9th, 2003, has been a consistent headline-maker this year. As a Defensive back for the Iowa Hawkeyes, he showcased his incredible skills, which led to his selection by the Philadelphia Eagles in this year’s draft. His performance at Iowa was nothing short of remarkable. In 2022, […]

My First Golfing Experience

First Golfing Experience

I’m 21. That’s a little old for my first-time golfing experience. I have always been a golf fan, but I have only recently started playing golf. I grew up playing basketball and baseball. So, the only sports I would watch are basketball and baseball. But about two years ago, I went to the golf range […]

The TikTok Dispute: China Vs U.S.


In the modern era of digital connectivity, social media platforms have become not only avenues for entertainment and communication but also arenas for geopolitical contention. TikTok, a Chinese-owned video-sharing app known for its viral trends and user-generated content, is one platform at the center of global disputes. The app’s meteoric rise to popularity has been […]

Vapes Vs Cigarettes: Which One is Safer?

Vapes vs Cigarettes

Most of us assume that in the vapes vs cigarettes debate, vapes win hands down.  Maybe.  Maybe not. Naturally, health-minded people believe both are equally bad. But they tell us all kinds of consumables, from eggs to red meat, are bad. So, these types of proclamations are usually met with an eye-roll.  So, we’ll delve […]