My First Golfing Experience

I’m 21. That’s a little old for my first-time golfing experience. I have always been a golf fan, but I have only recently started playing golf. I grew up playing basketball and baseball. So, the only sports I would watch are basketball and baseball. But about two years ago, I went to the golf range with a friend for the first time and absolutely loved it. Yes, I was a newbie and completely sucked at it. But the enjoyment I had was exciting. It made me want actually to get into this sport.

So, I started going to the golf range more and more with friends and kept practicing my swing. At first, my swing was terrible, and so my friends would start making fun of me. I didn’t care that they were laughing at me. Shit, I was laughing too! My swing was so goofy-looking that it would have made anyone laugh.

The Tee

Months go by, so now we start going to the golf course. At first, I was a bit nervous. I am thinking to myself, “This isn’t the range; this is the golf course. I got to do well.” All of my friends had been golfing way longer than me, so I didn’t want to look like a newbie again. I wanted to keep up with them and not suck.

I step up to the tee box, and I’m anxious. And, I just keep thinking about how I’m gonna just completely miss this shot. So, I’m like, screw this. I go to the golf cart, open the bag, and start chugging some brew. My friends are like, “What are you doing?” I said, “Getting rid of these nerves, damn it.’” So, after I’m done pounding the brew, I step back up to the tee box and whack the ball.

With no hesitation, I completely whacked that ball 200 yards off the tee, and it was a line drive. It was a perfect shot down the center of the fairway. My friends were kind of amazed. They were surprised by how well I hit the ball. It was my first time ever on a golf course. They all thought I was going to suck. From then on, all my nerves went away, and I didn’t do bad at all.

Second Nature

From then on out, I really amped it up. I would start going to the range frequently and just keep practicing. It got to the point where I was invested in it. I would go golfing every weekend with my friends. I could not wait for the weekend to come so that I could go golfing again.

The reason I love golfing now is not only the golfing part but also the nature aspect. Going to the golf course with friends is nice. Driving the golf cart while drinking beer is pretty cool. Not only that, but just being outside in the sun and enjoying the day, looking at the beautiful trees. Something about being on a golf course is just so special. You could say I’m a pretty big fan of golf now.

Why You Should Play Golf

1. Health Benefits

Golf is a fantastic way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. Walking the course provides low-impact exercise that improves cardiovascular health, increases muscle tone, and enhances flexibility. Also, the mental focus required to play golf can sharpen cognitive abilities and reduce stress levels, contributing to overall well-being.

2. Accessible to All Ages and Skill Levels

Unlike many other sports, golf is accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a beginner picking up a club for the first time or a seasoned veteran honing your skills, there’s something for everyone on the golf course. Plus, with options like driving ranges, pitch-and-putt courses, and miniature golf, newcomers can ease into the game at their own pace.

3. Social Connection

Golf is a social sport that provides opportunities for networking, bonding, and making new friends. Whether you’re playing with family, friends, or acquaintances, the shared experience of the game fosters camaraderie and creates lasting memories. Many business deals have been struck, and lifelong friendships have been forged on the fairways.

4. Time Spent in Nature

One of the best things about golf is the scenic view. The trees, the sunshine, the openness, and just being outside with friends. Sometimes, even when you’re out golfing, you might see some deer. My friends and I have many times. 

5. Life Lessons

Golf teaches valuable life lessons that extend far beyond the course. From patience and perseverance to honesty and integrity, the principles of golf translate into everyday life. Learning to navigate challenges, adapt to changing conditions, and maintain composure under pressure are skills that serve golfers well in all aspects of their lives.

6. Endless Challenge and Improvement

Golf is a game that can be challenging and rewarding. No matter how skilled you become, there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s working on your swing, mastering a difficult shot, or strategizing your way around the course, there’s always a new challenge to tackle and a new milestone to achieve. Like me, when I first started, I sucked. Now I have become better.

The Top 5 Best Golfers in 2024

Scottie Scheffler

  • 2024 Masters Champion
  • 2024 PGA Tour Champion
  • 2023 ESPYS Award 
  • 2022 Byron Nelson Award
  • Vardon Trophy

Rory Mcllory 

  • 3x PGA Tour Champion
  • 2x PGA Player Of The Year
  • 4x Byron Nelson Award 
  • Vardon Trophy

Xander Schauffele 

  • 7x PGA Tour wins
  • 2x European Tour wins
  • 74 Million career earnings

Jon Rahm 

  • 2023 Masters Champion
  • First European Golfer to win U.S Open

Bryson Dechambeau 

  • 2017 John Deere Classic Winner
  • 2020 Rocket Mortgage Winner
  • 2020 U.S Open Winner
  • 2021 Arnold Palmer Invitational Winner

These golf pros listed above are arguably the best golfers in the world. The number of tournament wins they have combined is pretty impressive. While we’re on the subject of tournament winners, we might as well look at the legendary tournament that just happened this past month. “The Masters”

What is the Masters Tournament?

The Masters Tournament is one of the four major championships in professional golf. It is held annually at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, United States. This tournament is the best of the best when it comes to accolades. Every pro golfer and golf fan can’t wait for this time of year. 

The tournament attracts the best golfers from around the world, who compete for the title and the opportunity to make golf history. This tournament is unique because of how difficult this course is. It is like the Super Bowl for golf fans. 

The Masters is known for its prestigious history, iconic green jacket awarded to the champion, and unique traditions associated with the tournament. For this year’s Masters tournament, the average ticket cost for a four-day pass was $5,119, and a two-day pass cost $4,019. It’s safe to say I will watch the Masters from my couch. 


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