Can the Chiefs Three-Peat?

Aww, yes, the 2024 season is getting closer and closer as we speak. There are a lot of questions regarding the Kansas City Chiefs. Have they made the right decisions or bad decisions? Are the Chiefs still good? Are they ever going to fall off?  Can the Chiefs three-peat? Let’s dig deep and discuss whether or not the Chiefs are capable of winning three back-to-back Super Bowls for the first time in history.

As we enter the offseason, the Kansas City Chiefs are basking in the glory of another Super Bowl victory. The triumvirate of Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Chris Jones, affectionately known as the ‘three stooges,’ is set to return next year, their roles pivotal in the team’s success. Fresh off their last Super Bowl win, the Chiefs are hungry for more. But can they achieve it?

Chris Jones or L’Jarius Sneed?

The whole team is pretty much back. All of the guys who were on the team last year will make a return. So logically, you would think they can win it all again. But they did release the star cornerback, L’Jarius Sneed. I like to think that was a good move. He wanted a new contract that involved a lot of money. The Chiefs ultimately declined to give him the extension he wanted.

The star defensive end, Chris Jones, wanted to get paid big money, and L’Jarius Sneed wanted to get big money. Well, the Chiefs don’t really have that much cap space, so they could only pay one guy. So, the Chiefs decided to go with Chris Jones and had to release Sneed. Chris Jones was more of a valuable player, which is likely why they chose him. The Chiefs sent Sneed to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for a 2025 draft pick and a 2024 seventh-round draft pick.

Personally, I believe the Chiefs made a wise choice in retaining Chris Jones. His value to the team, in my opinion, surpasses that of Sneed. If I were in the GM’s shoes, I would prioritize a quarterback annihilator over a lockdown defender on the receivers. Having Jones on our side, I believe, makes us more formidable in our quest for another Super Bowl.

Offseason Signings

During this year’s offseason, the Chiefs made some moves. They recently signed Marquise “Hollywood” Brown to a one-year deal worth $10 million. Brown is a receiver from the Arizona Cardinals. He is a speedy, fast young guy who can make any defender miss tackles. I believe he will do amazing work with the Chiefs. He will be a great fit around Kelce and Mahomes.

The Kansas City Chiefs also added a familiar face this offseason. They just signed Carson Wentz, the quarterback who led the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl in 2017. Now, you’re probably wondering why on earth we would sign a quarterback of that caliber. Well, I believe it’s a win-win scenario.

I believe both Mahomes and Wentz will better themselves. The only reason I can see why they signed Wentz was to mentor Mahomes. Wentz is an older guy, and he has been in the league long enough. Yes, Carson Wentz is not the same player as he was before his injury in 2017, but he still has the mechanics and the mindset to push Mahomes.

It is also a nice free-agent signing because if Mahomes gets hurt, we have Wentz as a backup. That is a pretty good backup. But I don’t want to contemplate that; I hope Mahomes stays healthy and wins another Super Bowl.

Draft Picks

In the 2024 NFL draft, the Chiefs drafted Xavier Worthy from Texas. I can’t believe all the teams in the NFL let us draft him. The young, speedy receiver had a great career at Texas, with 2,700 career receiving yards and 564 return yards. Not only can he play receiver, but he will also return punts. What I like to call him is a slightly taller Tyreek Hill. He does everything that Hill did for us. It will be exciting for sure, to see how he does.

Worthy also has the fastest 40-yard dash time in history, a whopping 4.21 seconds. He also added a 41-inch vertical jump to his stats at the NFL combine. He is impressive, to say the least. I really hope he stays healthy so that we can see him shine together.

The Chiefs also drafted an Offensive Lineman in the second round. His name is Kingsley Suamataia. Yes, I had to re-check my spelling. He is a brutal force from BYU and a stud. I don’t know if he will start right away, but he will definitely add depth to the team on the offensive line.

Watching his film at BYU made me like the draft pick even more. His insane ability to out-strength opposing players is out of this world. I hope he starts, because I want to see him this year. That’s a great draft choice from the Chiefs’ front office.

My Opinion

Well, as you probably guessed by now, I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan. My whole family is from Missouri, and I grew up watching the Chiefs. I have been a Chiefs fan my whole life. I absolutely love what they are doing lately. The whole Sneed and Jones fiasco was entertaining to follow. I believe they made the right choice.

The draft picks could not have been better. Xavier Worthy in the first round was so cool to see, and Kingsley Suamataia in the second round was even better. The pieces to the puzzle have been made, and I feel like we are much stronger than last year. If everyone stays healthy and everything goes the right way, we should be able to win yet another trophy.

In conclusion, hopefully the Chiefs can remain the top team next year. It will be exciting if the Chiefs can pull it off three times in a row! Not one NFL team has ever done it. I know there are a lot of people doubting the Chiefs. But they can suck it because we are going to win again, and I can guarantee you that! Go Chiefs!

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