College Side Hustles That Earn Bank

If the family credit card is dry, it’s time to consider a valid college side hustle to earn some bank.

Every college student could use a little extra money. For…books. Yes, you’ll spend the money you make on books and study materials, obviously. But that’s why that plastic melted.

Look, the reason you need extra money isn’t particularly important. What’s important is that there are more ways than ever to make money if you put in a little work. But what are some of the best college side hustles that earn bank? Glad you asked — read on for some ideas.


Did you do well on your college entrance exams? Get a good grade in a high school AP class? If so, there are parents out there who would pay you to tutor their kids.

There are online tutoring gigs available on sites like Superprof,, and Rates vary by subject, but you can earn anywhere from $15 to $40 for every hour you tutor. Tutors on these sites are generally paid on a set schedule via PayPal. Alternatively, you could seek out in-person tutoring gigs locally. Of course, that means finding clients or advertising your services, both of which require initiative and time.

Odd Jobs

If you’re open to doing a wide variety of things for a couple of extra bucks, sign up for an online marketplace like Taskrabbit or Handy. People post odd jobs they need assistance with, like moving a piece of furniture or picking something up from a store.

These types of services are a bit less consistent than others on this list, but it’s a great place to make extra money intermittently. Since you’ll only accept gigs when you want them, you’ll stay in charge of your own schedule.

With these apps, you’ll provide your bank account info to the (secure) platform and be paid directly via the app.

AI Improvements

Ready to help our future robot overlords get even smarter? Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies are seeking human help with training their AI models. Sites like Data Annotation and RemoTasks offer remote AI-training gigs on a task-by-task basis.

The good news is that you can get these gigs and complete them from the comfort of your couch. The downside is that the individual tasks don’t pay much — you’ll be signing up for simple tasks that pay $5 each. But if you have the focus to stick with it, you can easily bring in $20+ per hour.

Design Royalties

Do you have design skills? You could absolutely be using them to make some serious money. Check out this tutorial on creating templates on free platforms like Canva and then putting them up for sale on Etsy.

The best part about this type of side hustle is that it can provide ongoing income. You only have to create a popular design once; after that, the money can keep coming in with a limited amount of effort on your part.

Merch by Amazon has a similar concept. You upload artwork for a variety of products (shirts, mugs, etc.), and Amazon creates a product page. Once orders for your designs come in, Amazon handles printing and shipping, and you earn royalties.

Driving and Delivery

By now, just about everyone is aware of the potential of making money via apps like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and Instacart. While experiences working for these services are decidedly mixed, you can certainly still earn money using them.

Glassdoor estimates that Uber Eats drivers earn about $22/hr and that Instacart drivers average around $20/hr. Of course, it’s important to recognize those amounts will vary depending on location, tips, and the hours you’re available. And that you’ll be spending some of those earnings on vehicle-related costs. Nevertheless, it’s definitely an option for building up some bank.

Your Imagination Is the Limit

Nothing on the above list appeals to you? Find your own niche. There are plenty of newsletters and web communities out there — Side Hustle Nation and Niche Pursuits, to name two — where communities of entrepreneurs regularly post ideas for side hustles and money-making opportunities.

Now, we’re not advising paying someone else to tell you how to make money (you are funding their side hustle!). But communities like these might just be the place where you find some inspiration for your own unique side hustle.

Start Earning

Pick one of these ideas and stick with it for two months. Why two months? That’s enough time to determine whether something is a good fit for you and to get a realistic sense of its earning potential. Now, get out there and start earning!


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