Weird Podcasts From the Midwest

Folks in the Midwest have a lot to talk about, and you can see that reflected in the amazing number of incredibly compelling podcasts floating around out there! Throngs of sports fans, for example, tune in to hear about everything from local high school football scores to NCAA standings—and it makes perfect sense when you see how many future pro stars cut their teeth in the heartland!

Politics is always sure to rile listeners up, and local happenings from Minnesota to Nebraska have enough intrigue to draw listeners back again and again. Then there are the pods that focus on the music scene in Iowa or the latest Kansas City museum opening. Business talk figures big, whether you’re talking oil shale futures in South Dakota or the Wisconsin dairy report.

But there’s another type of Midwest online talk out there; we’re calling it the category of the Weird Podcast. Strange subjects laced with local mystery and off-center points of view make for a different type of entertainment value. If you’re ready to explore the unexpected, tune in to this collection of Weird Podcasts from the Midwest!

All the Sins of Wisconsin

Who doesn’t love a little murder mystery and true crime? We all sometimes like to look from the outside at the acts of serial killers or crimes of passion. 

And the All the Sins of Wisconsin podcast delivers! Hosts Falon and Mims focus on disappearances, unsolved mysteries, murders, and “other weird stuff” from the Badger State. If you’re ready for a turn towards real-life ghoulishness, hit this one weekly—just don’t listen alone in the dark!

Des Moines and Dragons

Get your 20-sided dice ready for a little raiding of dragon-infested tombs! Fantasy buffs have long loved to play the legendary role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. What was once a niche gaming community has sprouted into an international phenomenon, and there’s a hardcore group of enthusiasts in Iowa running the Des Moines and Dragons podcast! Spectate as the Game Master leads brave warriors into conflicts with orcs, witches, and more!

Depresh Mode

Who could’ve guessed that Minnesota would be the birthplace of a hilarious podcast about depression? This reliably weekly show is hosted by John Moe from his studio in St. Paul. Moe welcomes famous folks to talk about their struggles with clinical depression—as well as his own experience—using humor alongside honesty to get through tough discussions. Surprisingly uplifting and affording a little comic relief to some very intense subjects, tune in for the podcast version of an antidepressant!

Nebraska Fossils Update

There’s no history like prehistory! If you’re the kind of person who really “digs” archeology, then check out the Nebraska Fossil Updates podcast. Whether you want to learn about the past lives of frozen mammoths or just want to know where in the heck all of the hippo-like daeodons went, this is your one-stop shop for extinct megafauna. Listen in and get geeky as paleo-enthusiasts treat you to the Cornhusker State’s most interesting native fossil finds!

Show Me Scares

Ever wonder what horror may lurk in the heart of Missouri? Wonder no more! The Show Me Scares podcast dives into the darkest corners of native lore. Think of it as “The X-Files” for the Show Me State. 

From ghost stories to MoMo, the so-called “Missouri Monster,” encounter the unexplained, the creepy, and the mysterious in the dozens of podcasts archived here. With most stories torn from old newspapers, you never know what hidden occult history you’ll learn about next!

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