Trust Your Gut: Finding Things to Believe In

Looking for a sense of purpose and things to believe in? This simple guide can help you. Finding meaning doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore.

In a world where we’re all bombarded by phony social media posts and biased algorithms every single day, it can be difficult to find things to believe in. It seems like the world has never felt less authentic.

If you’re feeling like this information overload is making it difficult to find your own purpose, you’re not alone. Personally, I know I recently struggled to find anything that I felt I could personally connect with.

With that said, finding things that you truly believe in is always worth the effort. No matter what it is, finding something that you can believe in is one of the cornerstones of personal development. Once you authentically believe in something, it can stay with you throughout your life and give you a sense of purpose and drive, even as you navigate the messy uncertainties of life.

This is why I’m going to give you the tools you need to find things you can believe in and practice positive thinking. From taking a digital detox to seeking out new experiences, we’re going to cover some of the most effective ways to take a step toward finding your purpose.

So, let’s dive in!

Why Is It Important to Find Things to Believe In?

Before we explain how you can find your thing, it’s worth taking a moment to explain why it’s important to do so. While it may sound cliché, believing in something will give you a sense of purpose. It can also serve as a powerful motivator that drives you forward.

Having something you believe in that feels larger than life can be your guiding light, even as you face disappointment and adversity. It can help form your personal identity and the types of people you want to spend your time with. I know when I feel like I’m just drifting, reflecting on my beliefs and long-term goals helps me get back on track. In other words, if you really don’t believe in anything, life can start to feel mundane and meaningless. It can lead to negative thoughts when you should really be focusing on positive things.

Look, you don’t have to change your entire mindset to have a sense of purpose or be a good person. Believing in something can be as simple as having a long-term career goal, a moral compass that helps guide your decisions, or simply making a lasting promise to yourself that you’ll always take self-care and your overall well-being seriously. You need to be willing to put in the hard work when it comes to yourself.

How Can You Find Things to Believe in When You Feel Lost?

Put the Phone Down and Take a Digital Detox

Taking a digital detox is one of the best ways to block out the noise and focus on yourself. Stepping away from the distractions of social media and the negative thoughts it can conjure up doesn’t just make it easier to focus on yourself; it helps you block out distracting external influences.

We all know that people only post their best life on social media. Constantly feeling like everyone else is living a better and more purposeful life only makes you feel worse about yourself. Put the phone down and start prioritizing real-life experiences and interactions.

Trust me, unplugging from social media, even just for a couple of days, can make a huge difference. Once you get past the initial urges to scroll TikTok and creep your favorite celeb’s Insta profile, you’ll start looking for more meaningful ways to occupy your mind. This can be a huge first step towards self-discovery and finding something to believe in.

Next time you get that itch to grab your phone, pick up a book on a topic that interests you. Learn about different perspectives, ideologies, and experiences. This information can help you find something that you feel an immediate connection with.

Engage in Meaningful IRL Conversations

One of the best ways to find something you can believe in is to have real-life discussions with people you respect. Whether it’s just taking the time to dig deeper than the surface level with family members, friends, coaches, teachers, or anyone else, meaningful conversations with loved ones can help you find something that you connect with.

Too many conversations these days occur on our phones and never get beyond a few emojis and slang words. Discovering different perspectives through real-life conversations can help guide you toward something that you can authentically believe in.

Mentorship can be hugely beneficial when it comes to finding things to believe in. Seek guidance and conversation with people who inspire you. You’ll be surprised how many people will be happy to speak with you.

Hey, I’m not saying to just sit down with someone and copy their beliefs, but there’s something to be said for the inspiration you can get from talking to others. Even just seeing their passion for a hobby, cause, or community can help motivate you to find something you can connect with.

Try New Things

Seems obvious, right? That’s because it works. New experiences and stepping out of your comfort zone can help you discover your own interests and values. Whether it’s trying out a new hobby you’ve always had a passing interest in, or it’s volunteering for the first time, trying new things is a great way to find things you can believe in.

Take Time to Practice Self-Care

Meaningful self-care isn’t just about buying new things; it’s about prioritizing your physical and mental health. Try improving your diet and getting a bit more exercise. The mind-body connection is a powerful thing.

When you feel healthy, you’ll start thinking with clarity, which makes it much easier to find things to believe in. Oh, and put down the vape and take it easy on the caffeinated Starbucks drinks; these things can be major distractions that just end up making you feel off.

You can also take time to practice a few basic mindfulness exercises. Over time, they’ll help you understand your own values on a much deeper level.

Final Words

Finding something you can believe in is not something you can do quickly. It’s an ongoing process that involves embracing authenticity and always staying open to new ideas.

Stick with it, but don’t beat yourself up if it takes time. Trust me, you’ll connect with things you can believe in if you give it the effort it deserves.


  • Chris Kane

    Chris Kane is a military veteran and former business owner currently living in the Des Moines, Iowa, metro. Chris is an inveterate entrepreneur and avid web developer who is not shy about sharing his opinions.

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