March Madness: What’s the Hype?

From tipoff to playoff, March Madness is a tidal wave that sweeps coast to coast. From the heartland to the deep south, sports fans gather to witness the biggest names in college basketball go toe-to-toe in the paint.

What is March Madness?

“March Madness” isn’t to be confused with hay fever, folks. It’s a top-tier competition between collegiate basketball teams and an opportunity for aspiring hoopers to finish their dream journey from college ball to sinking buckets in the NBA.

Throughout the college basketball regular season, teams compete in regular matches. Those who rack up enough wins can participate in a tournament designed to showcase the talent of teams that put in the sweat equity required to become champions.

Tournament History

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) hosted its first Division 1 basketball tournament in 1939, pitting 8 teams against each other for the right to claim the title of the number one collegiate basketball team in America. Later, in 1951, the tournament doubled its entry size to 16 teams. It doubled again in 1975 and finally grew to its current size of 64 teams in 1985. For more information about the history of this legendary tournament, check out the official history of the tournament here.

Tournament Brackets

Every competition needs a solid, well-organized way to pit competitors together to find out who’s the top dog. Fans form brackets by selecting teams and placing them against each other based on their performance across the season. This is called seeding. Understanding a team’s seed and their season’s performance is vital to predicting match outcomes and leads to an interesting way to engage with the tournament energy as a fan. Low-numbered seeds are considered the expected game winners, but that doesn’t mean performance will match expectations. Check out this free tool to create a bracket for your sports season.

What’s the Big Deal About Brackets?

There’s a sports fan and then a legendary sports fan. The best of the best love to get together and talk shop, and nothing talks louder than a solid bracket pick. After the tournament seeds are released, fans across the country fill workplaces, households, online forums, and sports bars with the sound of reliving the glory days of past tournaments, exchanging stats and predictions about key players and teams. Those with a competitive spark will build March Madness brackets and fill in our picks for what teams will come out ahead.

How Do I Watch?

If you find yourself drooling over a good dribble, tune in to the following major sports channels from home. Each channel’s website posts tipoff times, streaming all games on NCAA March Madness Live.

Here’s a quick lineup of the regional semifinals airing on March 28th, 2024.

tip times

If you’d rather find yourself in the company of other basketball fanatics, why not gather up the squad and head out to your favorite local sports bar for appetizers and buckets? Each sports fan has their own favorite way of celebrating. Whether it’s from home, the pub, or the comfort of your iPhone (ok, Android lovers can use theirs, too), March Madness is a spectacular wave to ride. Who’s your best pick this year?


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