Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Dream Career

Does your LinkedIn profile need a serious facelift? We can help! Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can attract the top employers.

Look, I fully understand that job hunting can be a drag. If filling out all those boring and time-consuming online applications during a job search doesn’t put you to sleep, you deserve a medal.

Luckily, there’s a better way to land your dream job with a potential employer. Rather than waste your time by just emailing countless resumes and cover letters into the void, you can take the time to give your LinkedIn profile a much-needed glow up. Celebrate your personal brand!

By now, you’ve probably been lectured about the importance of having an updated and professional-looking LinkedIn profile, but it’s worth stressing the point again. Not only can an eye-catching LinkedIn profile help you connect with a potential employer, it can also help you stand out from the crowd.

So, if you’re serious about getting started in your dream career, it’s time to get down to business!

Why Is Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Important?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of giving your LinkedIn profile an update as a job seeker, it’s worth taking a few moments to explain why it’s so important in the first place.

Sure, boomers could stroll into a business and land a job with a firm handshake and a smile, but times have changed. Today, almost all of the top employers do the vast majority of their hiring online. Just like your Insta profile, your LinkedIn profile acts as a digital billboard that reflects you and your personal brand.

However, unlike your other social media profiles, which just display your personality and interests, your LinkedIn profile advertises you in a professional capacity. When potential job recruiters browse your LinkedIn profile, they should quickly and easily see a summary of your skills, experience, education, and professionalism.

The truth is that LinkedIn remains the go-to resource for serious talent acquisition. To put it bluntly, if your LinkedIn summary and profile aren’t poppin’, you are not going to stand out and make the type of potential connections that will put you on the path toward your dream career.

Now that you know why this kind of social selling is so important, let’s get down to profile optimization. Trust me, it’s easier than it sounds.

Steps for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Get Serious About Your Profile Picture

Just like any other type of social media account, your profile picture is important. If you don’t look professional in your profile pic, you’re not going to make a solid first impression.

Make sure that the image you are uploading is high-resolution. If all you have is a grainy photo taken on an old iPhone 5, it’s time to take a new picture. Not only do you need a high-quality image that looks crisp and current, but you should also look professional and friendly.

You should get someone else to take the picture for you, but put your selfie skills to work. A friendly smile can help you come across as more approachable, which is perfect for a first impression.

Also, ditch the filters and heavy editing; they’ll just make your profile picture look unprofessional.

Put Some Time Into Writing the Right Headline

Just like your profile picture, the headline at the top of your LinkedIn account profile will play a major role in first impressions. Don’t just let LinkedIn auto-generate a headline for you. Instead, try to write something that reflects your drive and ambition.

Instead of leaving it as something like “Marketing Student,” add some flair and personality. Doesn’t “Aspiring Digital Marketing Director” have a better ring to it?

Tell Your Story in the Summary Section

The summary section of your LinkedIn page offers you a chance to explain your professional life in a captivating way. You don’t need to write a novel. Instead, explain your passions, career aspirations, and what sets you apart from other people.

It should be professional, but there’s plenty of opportunity to make this section personal and authentic. Let your personality shine. Explain why the field appeals to you and what value you could bring to an employer.

Far too many new LinkedIn users think they have to make this section sound like a dry recap of their career and education. Other sections will allow you to do this in a better way. Instead, try to hit that perfect mix of engaging and professional!

Show Progression in the Experience and Education Sections

One of the best ways to optimize your entire profile is to show clear and continuous progression in the experience section. Highlight accomplishments and skills you improved on as you progressed through your academic and professional careers.

Job recruiters want motivated people, so make it clear that you made an impact in every single role, even if it was just a summer job. Use action words and try to quantify your achievements. Stress any promotions you earned.

Be Shameless About Asking for Recommendations

You don’t have to be too thirsty when you request them, but showcasing recommendations and endorsements on your profile can help add some emphasis to your accomplishments and skills. Try to connect with employers, professors, supervisors, and even colleagues from your past. If you left on good terms, they should be happy to give you a LinkedIn recommendation or two.

Other Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Now that your LinkedIn profile has been optimized, you need to keep at it. LinkedIn rewards active users. Update and refresh your profile on a regular basis. Add new projects, skills, and experiences you have acquired.

Not only will this keep your profile and its contents current, but it will also help your profile rise to the top when recruiters are looking for new candidates.

Engagement is also essential! Don’t just let your profile sit there collecting cobwebs; engage with others in your field. Comment on posts and try to connect with potential employers in your field. You’ll stay on their radar, as well as demonstrate your determination and passion for the field.

Final Words 

Remember, your dream career is closer than you think. The effort you put into your LinkedIn profile can help set you up for a fulfilling career, so take the time to do it right!


  • Chris Kane

    Chris Kane is a military veteran and former business owner currently living in the Des Moines, Iowa, metro. Chris is an inveterate entrepreneur and avid web developer who is not shy about sharing his opinions.

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