Bucket List-Worthy Places to Go With Your Friends

If you’ve got the travel bug and feel like taking flight, we can help. Here are our top picks for places to go with your friends in 2024!

If you’re like me, the COVID-19 pandemic put your travel plans on hold. Now that the world has fully reopened, I have a serious case of the travel bug. If this applies to you, but you’re unsure where you should explore, I’m going to give you my top picks for places to go with your friends.

From far-off bucket list destinations to beautiful and budget-friendly locations that are closer to home, I’m going to take you through places that should scratch your wanderlust.

So, let’s get started!

The Best Travel Destinations to Visit With Your Friends

We’ve all heard the clichés about travel broadening the mind and the importance of traveling while you’re young. There’s a reason these sayings have stood the test of time – they’re true!

Sure, travel can be expensive, but you only live once, so the more time you spend fretting about the details, the less time you’ll have to make memories.

Here are my top five picks for the best destinations to travel with friends:

1. Paris, France

Traveling to the “City of Light” is something everyone should experience at some point in their life. Stunning fashion, exquisite food, and a culturally enriching experience that will stick with you forever are just some of the reasons you and your friends should pack your bags and brush up on your Duolingo French lessons.

Did I mention it’s one of the most photogenic cities on the planet? Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or you just want to give your Insta feed a much-needed glow up, a few snapshots of the Eiffel Tower could be just what you’re looking for.

Plus, Paris is a great place to explore with friends. From quaint cafes to trendy shops, you and your friends will have the time of your lives exploring “Pah-rhee.” If the busy city isn’t for you, hop on a train and explore the French countryside and stunning views – it’s breathtaking.

2. Melbourne, Australia

Want to soak in the sun and experience a laid-back city that embraces beach culture? It’s time to head down under. If you don’t know anything about Melbourne, you might just be amazed at how exciting and culturally enriched this thriving city is.

You and your friends won’t be fighting off crocodiles and boxing with kangaroos. Instead, you’ll be exploring mural-covered streets, diverse restaurants, music festivals, and modern cafés.

Melbourne is a thriving city that is packed with students and a generation of young people who value the arts and the latest trends. It’s perfect for a trip with friends. Plus, if you feel like taking a lengthy trip, you can always take a month or two to backpack the country and fully experience the unique culture and landscape that Australia has to offer.

3. Hawaii, USA

You don’t need a passport to experience stunning landscapes and a completely different way of living. Hawaii offers a tropical paradise that is perfect for more active friend groups. Experience world-class surfing where it was first invented.

If you’re like me and you’ve got a crippling fear of sharks, there’s plenty to do on land. Take in the volcanic landscapes and lush jungle, and experience the richness of Polynesian culture. Don’t be afraid to make some new friends! It really is the perfect destination for all personality types, as it offers a unique mix of adventure, relaxation, and tropical beauty. By the way, Hawaiian food is incredible!

If you and your friends aren’t into the idea of leaving the good ol’ United States, keep an eye out for cheap flights to Hawaii. It might be the same country, but Hawaii is nothing like the Midwest!

4. Cancun, Mexico

Did somebody say spring break? Cancun offers lively nightlife, picture-perfect beaches, and plenty of fun for all types of people. Plus, tacos. Need I say more?

Cancun offers much more than a place to party and chow down on delicious food. It actually can be a pretty culturally enriching destination for those who want to experience an ancient culture and different way of life. Ready for some outdoor activities? Take time to visit the Mayan ruins, like Chichen Itza and the ruins at Tulum National Park.

Don’t sleep on Cancun! It offers everything you need for an exciting and memorable group trip, including plenty of sunshine, pristine beaches with white sand, a lively atmosphere, and a dynamic culture you can lean into. It’s also a foodie’s dream location!

5. Montreal, Canada

If you and your friends want to travel on a budget and still make lasting memories, why not take a trip to visit our neighbors to the north? Not only is it close, but our money is worth over 30% more, thanks to the exchange rate.

While it’s affordable, visiting Montreal shouldn’t be seen as a fall-back destination. In addition to offering incredible skiing at the nearby Tremblant Ski Resort, visiting Montreal is the closest you can get to feeling like you’re in Europe without having to board a plane.

The bilingualism and lasting French culture give Montreal a completely unique flavor. Speaking of flavor, the food scene is incredible! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich.

If you’re looking for something new, you should know that it’s one of the oldest cities in North America, and the French architecture and cobblestone streets of Old Montreal will have you feeling like you traveled back in time. For those with more modern tastes, the city has thriving fashion and art scenes. For concert lovers, it hosts plenty of international music festivals.

Enjoy the unique blend of North American and European culture without having to blow the bank. Throw on your toque, brush up on your French, and head on over the border. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Final Words

Traveling with your friends is something you’ll never forget. Get out of your comfort zone and experience new things. Traveling together and forming new memories isn’t just rewarding; it’s something that can become a lifestyle. It also happens to be the ultimate form of self-care!



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