The 9 Best High Schools in Oklahoma

Oklahoma boasts a number of quality public and private high schools. The best high schools in Oklahoma combine academics and extracurriculars to give students a comprehensive education and a chance to explore their interests. Our rankings are based on research and the stats from Niche and US New & World Report.

The 6 Best Public High Schools in Oklahoma

Booker T. Washington High School – Tulsa

Sitting at the top of the list, Booker T. Washington High School is the best public high school in Oklahoma. It effectively balances academics and athletics, ensuring that students have ample opportunities, whatever their preferences.

Additionally, it is home to the Hornets Football, which has been division champion for several seasons within the past two decades. For those who prefer other sports, Booker T. Washington High School also has established soccer, volleyball, wrestling, baseball, and basketball teams, as well as other athletics options such as archery.

Booker T. Washington is ranked #1 in Oklahoma by US News & World Report and #2 by Niche overall. Niche ranks Booker T. Washington as #2 in Oklahoma for athletics.

Edmond Memorial High School – Edmond

As a rather well-rounded school, Edmond Memorial High School offers its students a good variety of academics, extracurriculars, and athletics to offer its students. The Bulldogs have already established an inspiring basketball record and had several excellent baseball games in 2023.

As a unique feature, Edmond Memorial is also home to an Esports team. In 2023, the team claimed the state championship title for Super Smash Brothers. Impressively, members of the Esports team have already been signed to nearby universities for scholarship deals.

Edmond Memorial is ranked #14 in Oklahoma by US News & World Report and #2 by Niche overall.

Jenks High School – Jenks

My research revealed some split opinions over Jenks High School, with Niche praising it but US News giving it a bit of a lower score. Nevertheless, there are ample reasons to consider Jenks as one of the best high schools in Oklahoma. With a student body of just over 3,500, Jenks is a rural high school that serves a wide area around it.

It’s not a magnet school, but its STEM offerings are well above average for the state (coming in at #7 out of 146 this year). Additionally, Jenks has a strong athletics program and features the Trojans football team that regularly ends the district season in either first or second place.

Jenks is ranked #5 in Oklahoma by US News & World Report and #4 by Niche overall.

Edmond North High School – Oklahoma City

Located in the Edmond suburb of Oklahoma City, Edmond North High School is the school of choice for nearly 2,500 students. With an admirable 20:1 student-teacher ratio, students at Edmond North can get a bit more personalized attention in the classroom.

The school also has some strong athletics, including a basketball team that is poised to top the district two years in a row. The football team is consistently in the bottom half of district rankings but is working to improve and make Edmond proud.

Edmond North is ranked #5 in Oklahoma by US News & World Report and #9 by Niche overall.

Warner High School – Warner

More than a hundred miles east of Oklahoma City, Warner High School offers a great school experience for those living in the rural areas of the state. Although its educational offerings aren’t the strongest, the school is home to numerous sports teams.

Most interestingly, Warner also has a high school racing team, letting students get behind the wheel and compete without throwing a ball. Even more exciting, the program also invites students to build and maintain these cars.

Warner is ranked #7 in Oklahoma by US News & World Report and #12 by Niche overall.

Classen School of Advanced Studies – Oklahoma City

As a magnet school, the state of Oklahoma has invested heavily in at Classen School of Advanced Studies. It offers numerous AP classes and allows students to prepare for college through the International Baccalaureate Program.

While the school has a presence in regional athletics, it hasn’t yet found its footing in football and basketball divisions just yet. If the sports programs at the school were stronger, Classen SAS would command a higher ranking on this list.

Classen SAS is ranked #2 in Oklahoma by US News & World Report and #5 by Niche overall.

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The 3 Best Parochial or Private High Schools in Oklahoma

Holland Hall – Tulsa

Holland Hall draws from the Episcopal tradition for its educational background. Rather than just a high school, Holland Hall has programs for those as young as pre-K. The school itself has just over 1,000 students, which means grades tend to be very small. Compare the student population to the 144 active teaching staff, and you can see why Holland Hall boasts a 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

Despite the fact that the school is more focused on academics, its athletics program is surprisingly robust. The Holland Hall Dutch runs roughshod over other schools in basketball, football, and soccer, regularly claiming top positions in the district regularly.

Holland Hall has boys’ and girls’ teams for all the common high school sports. Holland Hall is ranked the #2 private high school in Oklahoma by Niche.

Cascia Hall Preparatory School – Tulsa

Like Holland Hall, Cascia Hall focuses on academic enrichment and maintains high standards of rigor. It also supports a 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio and specifically bills itself as a college prep school. In terms of student life, the school maintains a uniform-based dress code, fostering a sense of unity within the school.

Cascia Hall has a good selection of sports for students to choose from, but its athletics program overall just isn’t as strong or developed as Holland Hall.

Cascia Hall is ranked the #1 Catholic high school in Oklahoma by Niche.

Casady School – Oklahoma City

Similar to Holland Hall, Casady School is a school in the Episcopal tradition that strives to provide exceptional educational opportunities for all its students. Despite having a blueprint similar to Holland Hall, Casady emphasizes academics and the arts more enthusiastically.

Casady offers a breadth of sports options but doesn’t yet have the victories to provide as many athletic opportunities to potential students. Generally, the Cyclones perform respectably but don’t win many championships. Coupled with the strong options for academics and extracurriculars, however, Casady still deserves a place on this list.

Casady School is ranked the #1 private high school in Oklahoma by Niche.

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The Best High Schools in Oklahoma Are Waiting for You

These nine schools are the best high schools in Oklahoma and are all solid considerations for new students. While most of these schools are centered around Oklahoma City, several schools are further afield and may be ideal for those who don’t want to live in the city.


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