What are the Best Home Security Systems for 2023?

We have aggregated some excellent website links comparing the best home security systems for 2022. If you’re ready to step up your home security this year, you have a lot of choices. It’s never been more affordable for the average homeowner to find an easy-to-install security system than it is today.

It’s time to keep your family and property safe from porch pirates, prowlers, burglars, and other dangerous home invaders. We’ve prepared a list of the best home security systems for 2022.

At the top are home security systems designed to monitor your home from wherever you are on earth using smart technology. Remember, insurance companies often offer discounts on homeowners’ insurance policies.

You should know that a few firms are at the top of these lists. For one, Simply Safe security options are mentioned multiple times. Others frequently mentioned are Google Nest Cam, Wyze, and ADT.

However, it’s up to you to decide! See what you think by visiting these websites:

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Security Systems

DIY (do-it-yourself) alarm systems are an excellent fit for people who are good with technology and want to build their security system. And DIY home security is the way to go for people who don’t want a hard-wired system in their homes. It’s almost always simple to remove and take to your next home when you move.


Hardwired Home Security Systems

Some people are better off with a hardwired security system. Hardwired security systems are considered more reliable and will work even if you lose your internet connection. These systems are less likely to be hacked, jammed, or have other security problems.

  • Top 5 Wired Camera Systems in 2022. – SafeHome.org recommends five wired home security systems that they claim are “… a stable, reliable connection that’s not susceptible to interference.”
  • 5 Best Wired Security Camera Systems of 2022. – Anthony Bahn, a US Navy veteran and technology expert, provides his list of the top-of-the-line wired security camera systems on the market today.
  • Top 5 Wired Security Systems. – Jonas Muthoni, author, and creative strategist, offers his list of the best wired security CCTV systems in the US. His ‘best pick’ is Google Nest for indoor use.
  • Best Hardwired Security Systems. – Security.org believes that ‘hardwired’ may be a better option over wireless systems because they can’t be ‘jammed’ and ‘work even if the internet goes down.’ Their best pick is ADT!


Outdoor All-Weather Security Cameras

If you live in an area with occasional severe weather, you need an outdoor security camera that can take extreme cold, heat, rain, or even sandstorms. Cameras have changed a lot in the last ten or twelve years. You can get great outdoor cameras that don’t get wet. Check out our top picks for outdoor weatherproof cameras that will keep working in the summer heat or the winter cold.


Common Home Security Mistakes

Thieves will take advantage whenever possible to grab your valuables from your home. We see these unfortunate crimes in the news all the time. It’s up to us to ensure our homes are safe and secure. Yet people keep making mistakes with the home security that practically begs thieves to enter.


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