Where to Find the Funniest TikToks

Wondering where to find the funniest TikToks? You’ve come to the right place.

Okay, so humor is subjective. One person’s funny is another person’s stupid (or painful). But these videos? If you don’t think these are funny, that’s probably a you thing.

Here are some of the most reliable ways to find funny TikToks.

Funny Animal Videos

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, people capturing their pets doing strangely human things or making otherworldly noises is a staple of social media. And a guaranteed recipe for laughter.

For example, try watching this cat compilation without laughing.

Can’t decide if the cat being startled by the toaster or the cat jumping into the bucket is the highlight of this collection.

If cats aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d find OwlTok more enjoyable.

FunnyCats0fTikTok and @funnyanimalkbz are reliable accounts for hilarious compilations of animals doing their thing. Or just search for #funnypets or #funnyanimals.

Funny Kid Videos

Is it great for parents to use their kids to get views on social media? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh at it.

It’s even funnier when the kids fight back. The legitimate stress reaction by the dad is what makes that one priceless.

And who could forget this classic of the kids mispronouncing words genre?

These vids often end up on your For You Page (FYP), but you can always try searching #funnykids, too.

Hashtag Ohio

I’m not making the rules — just reporting on them. For whatever reason, the state of Ohio has been turned into a neverending meme on TikTok. The number of views on the #onlyinohio hashtag is in the billions.

Not familiar with this hilarious trend? Check out this video of an unfortunate trade at the drive-through.

Or this TikTok of an amusement park ride that you are highly advised to avoid.

Haven’t been to Ohio recently, but apparently, this is how they’re playing basketball now.

Next time you’re looking for a quick laugh, find it #onlyinohio.

Reaction TikToks

Wanna see funny people react to movies, videos, or other TikToks? Yeah, me too. I haven’t even seen the new Hunger Games and still found myself laughing at this one.

Other reaction vids, like this one involving an unidentified animal, just get straight to the point.

Just type reactions or reaction memes into the search bar and prepare to lose yourself down a TikTok rabbit hole.


If you’re ready to fully immerse yourself in the good, bad, and ugly of TikTok, there’s no better place than the r/TikTokCringe subreddit. Be forewarned, not every video featured there is funny. Per the name, you’ll certainly find some cringeworthy content there.

But, if you stick to posts with the “humor” tag, you’ll find gems like this spacey sheep.

Or this sad commentary on the state of modern relationships.

Or this teacher mercilessly crushing the dreams of his young students.

Absurdist Humor

While most of what we’ve highlighted so far are people sharing lo-fi vids that just happen to be funny, there are also plenty of creators on TikTok who spend a little more time putting their vids together.

For example, if you’re not following Savanah Moss, you probably should be. Because…well…just take a look. Her TikToks are better watched than explained. #feverdream

Likewise, creator Adam Waheed has a solid collection of TikToks, including at least one featuring a raccoon.

And if you’ve never checked out Adrian Bliss’s costumed creations, now is the time. Don’t try to make too much sense of them; just enjoy.

TikTok seniors

Whether or not these seniors have ever heard of TikTok is beside the point. Some of the funniest stuff on the platform is older adults speaking their minds.

This grandma’s way with words is worth a watch.

Famous filmmaker Martin Scorcese trying to explain the definition of various slang terms to his daughter is already a classic. “We never saw specific people in my day.” 😂

Please note that we’re not condoning hitting your dad on the head repeatedly, but if you’re gonna do it, it may as well be funny.

Endless Laugh Scrolling

Once you watch more and more of these TikToks, your FYP will start turning them up automatically. The only problem with knowing where and how to find funny TikToks is that you won’t know when to stop. Use your knowledge wisely, and make sure you come up for air every once in a while!


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