Best Colors to Help a House Sell in 2023

At some point, as we climb the ladder to financial success in life, we purchase our first home. Usually, this is a great experience. Eventually, however, the day arrives for many that we will need to sell that house. A big question should be, ‘what are the best colors to help sell a house?’

At this point, our personal preferences could potentially handicap that process. For instance, is there designer wallpaper in the kitchen and bedrooms? Uh oh.

One lesson that first-time home sellers discover is that the wallpaper that so nicely captures their interest and personality can be a deadly distraction for potential buyers. Not always, but more than likely, your lovely wallpaper will have to go. This is because home buyers are typically interested in starting with a clean slate. Home buyers want to bring their ideas into their new house and decorate it with their preferences.

If you’re ready to sell your home, remember that today’s buyers want a move-in-ready house. So, let’s check out what the experts have to say about the colors most buyers are likely to appreciate when they tour your home.

Stick With Neutral Colors!

The first lesson is to stick with ‘neutral’ color choices. This necessity does not require a lot of agonizing. Light, neutral color choices will be warm and inviting for potential homebuyers who can use that canvass to envision their belongings and furniture in your house.

The articles below have done fantastic research for you. Zillow, for instance, explains the “Best Interior Paint Colors for Selling Your House”. Here are more experts for you to consider:

Perfect Neutral Interior Paint Colors

  • Sherwin-Williams Neutral Paint Colors – “Thanks to their muted tone, neutral paint colors are versatile enough to pair easily with a wide variety of other hues and materials. Despite their subtle nature, our popular neutrals are far from boring – spanning a full spectrum of underlying hues.”
  • Behr: Know Your Neutrals — “First: Neutrals are not simple, in any respect. Second: Neutrals can be warm or cool. Third: Grays are not achromatic. Fourth: Lighting will make or break your neutral.”
  • Benjamin Moore Neutral Paint — “Relaxing and soothing, neutral colors—including white and gray—exude calm. Turn to our online inspiration or in-store advice as you consider the vast array of neutrals. And don’t forget to paint samples on your wall before buying: Seeing color on the wall, no matter how subtle your choice, is the only way to ensure it’s perfect for your space.”

Cool Home Exterior Paint Colors

  • Benjamin Moore Home Exterior Color – “Choosing the best paint color for the exterior surfaces of your home means picking colors that look great–and last. Benjamin Moore Aura® Exterior has you covered, with a line of durable paints that resist the punishing effects of weather—and offer a lifetime limited warranty to prove it.”
  • 27 Popular Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors for 2022 – “After searching high and low, we believe we’ve put together the best tried-and-true, designer-approved Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors to consider for your home’s exterior makeover.”
  • Popular Exterior Paint Colors from Behr — “We pay a lot of attention to interior paint colors while the exterior ones require the same. First of all, it is an introduction to the interior, whose appreciation begins precisely with the exterior. Therefore, it is worth analyzing the available options thoroughly by referring to trends, styles, and your own preferences.”

Awesome Front Door Paint Ideas

  • Behr Front Door Refresh — “The new solid door color is a classic Black. This color interjects sophistication and elegance and, when paired with crisp white, becomes timeless. Adding accessories directly on the door provide character and a friendly story.”
  • Benjamin Moore Front Door Color Ideas – “Most exterior paint colors and materials lean toward neutral shades, so a colorful front door is a chance to express your personal style through a central exterior architectural feature.”
  • Sherwin-Williams: 5 Bold Front Door Colors We Love — “Show your front door some love with a statement-making hue! Entryways are the perfect place to make a first impression, so we’re sharing our favorite bold paint colors you’ve used to create a front door that steals the spotlight.”

Quality Interior and Exterior Paint Brands

  • Consumer Reports: Best Interior & Exterior Paint Buying Guide — “The good news is that the perfect paint for your needs is out there, and CR can help lead you to it. We test dozens of interior and exterior paints in a variety of finishes to help you find the best one for the job and your budget.”
  • The Best Paint Brands to Update Your Home in 2022 — “Painting is a very time-consuming job, but it can become unnecessarily overwhelming if you use inferior products. Paints that don’t provide excellent coverage and hiding capability, leave a clumpy finish, or have an overall poor quality can cost you lots of time and money when you have to do the job over again.”
  • The Best Paints for Interior Walls — “We researched the best paints for interior walls, evaluating ease of application, finish, color selection, formulation, and value. Our best overall pick, the Sherwin-Williams Cashmere, is a paint/primer combo that applies evenly, is easy to clean, and looks and feels silky.”
  • The 9 Best Exterior Paints of 2022 for Your Home — “We researched the top exterior paints available today, evaluating ease of application and maintenance, formulation, and value. Our best overall choice, the BEHR Premium Plus Exterior Paint and Primer in One, withstands mildew, mold, and fading, is suitable for use on wood, vinyl, and cement sidings, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.”

Colors to Avoid in Your Home

  • 10 Colors You Shouldn’t Have in Your Home – “Picking out the perfect color for different parts of your house is challenging. On top of that, certain colors can add or decrease the value of your home.”
  • These Are the Paint Colors Experts Say to Never Use in Your Home — “There are definitely some dos and don’ts when it comes to designing and decorating your home—especially in regards to paint color. After all, a fresh coat of paint can instantly change the feel of any room in your house—as well as the aesthetic of its exterior. And when it comes to choosing a paint color, not all hues are created equal, with certain shades better left to reside in the ‘don’t’ category.”
  • Colors You Should Never Use for Home Staging – “One thing that’s common in both home staging and decorating: color is one of their most powerful components. With home staging, the goal is to attract as many buyers as possible and help them see the true potential of the home. Color can be a strong asset in achieving that.”
  • Avoid These Colors in Your Home — “I’ll admit, one of the things I want to change in my home is the interior paint colors. When my husband and I purchased our Old Victorian home, it was originally a light yellow on the outside. We decided to change the exterior paint color, and at Sherwin-Williams, they still have their original paint colors when they started the company.”

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